Donnerstag, 19. Mai 2016

Nach der Convention ++ Update: 28.07.16 ++

So allmählich kehre ich zum Alltag zurück. Doch es fällt noch schwer, sich von all den schönen Eindrücken während der Origami Convention und den Tagen danach zu trennen. Dennoch möchte ich noch etwas mehr darüber berichten
Da ich noch immer einen großen Teil Schlaf nachholen muss und weil ich mich auch wieder anderen wichtigen Dingen widmen muss, wird auch dies ein Blogeintrag, der stetig wächst. Es soll dabei um alles Mögliche gehen, wovon ich am Wochenende noch nicht berichtet habe.  Es ist letztendlich eine kleine Sammlung der wunderbaren gefalteten Geschenke geworden, die ich während des Wochenendes bekommen habe.

Slowly I am coming back to everyday life. But it is still very hard to let go of all those beautiful memories of the recent Origami Convention and the days after. Nevertheless I want to write a bit more about it.
As I still have to catch up some hours of sleep and as I am again forced to do some other important stuff, this will be another growing blogentry. I will write about several different things, I missed to show to you during the weekend. It turned out to be a report about all the beautiful folded presents, I got during the weekend.

Den Anfang macht eine wunderbare Maske, entworfen und gefaltet von mitanei (Daniel Chang). Er hat uns alle mit unglaublich tollen menschlichen Gesichtern begeistert, die er aus verschiedenen Papierarten gefaltet hat. Derart beeinflusst fragte ich ihn, ob er auch eine Maske des berühmten blinden Comic-Heldens Mathew Murdock gestalten kann. Nur wenige Stunden später präsentierte er mir dieses beeindruckenden Modell und machte es mir sogar zum Geschenk.
Auf diesem Weg noch einmal ein dickes Dankeschön! Ich habe mich riesig gefreut.

At first I want to show you this beautiful mask, designed and folded by mitanei (Daniel Chang). He impressed us all with unbelivable astonishing human faces, folded out of different types of paper. Influenced by this I asked him if he could make a mask of the famous comic hero Mathew Murdock as well. Only several hours later he presented to me this great mask and even gave it to me as a present.
On this way I also want to say thank you so much! I am so happy about it.

Das nächste Geschenk, das ich Euch zeigen möchte, ist von Beth Johnson. Sie war eine der drei Ehrengäste auf dem Treffen. Ich war die Glückliche, die sie vom Flughafen abholen durfte und nach der Convention war sie noch für zwei Tage bei mir zu Gast. Wir hatten jede Menge Spaß, gemeinsam mit der Potsdamer Origamigruppe Teile von Potsdam und Berlin zu erkunden.
Als wir am Mittwoch auf wiedersehen sagen musste, stellte sie heimlich zwei Exemplare ihrer wunderschönen tessellierten Fische auf meinen Schreibtisch.
Beth, Dankeschön!!!!!!

The next present I want to show you I got from Beth Johnson. She was one of the three specialguests at the convention. I was the lucky one to pick her up at the airport and after the weekend she was my guest for two days. We had fun exploring some parts of Potsdam and Berlin together with the Potsdam Origami Group.
When we had to say goodbye on Wednesday, she secretly put two of her beautiful tessellated fish on my desk.
Beth, Dankeschön!!!!!!!

Hier kommt nun endlich das letzte Update. Es kostete mich einiges an Zeit, dieses letzte Bild hochzuladen, da ich immer wieder sehr unzufrieden mit dem Foto war. Nun ist es aber vollbracht und Ihr könnt Euch den Dachs von Sébastien Limet ansehen. Es ist ein relativ einfaches Modell, dass wir auch während der Convention gefaltet haben, aber mein Ergebnis ist bei Weitem nicht so gut.
Da bin ich dann gleich doppelt froh, dass ich den süßen Kerl vom Designer selbst bekommen habe.
Ein ganz großes Dankeschön!!

Finally here comes the lasr update. It took me some time to upload this image, as I was unsatisfied with the photo on and on again. Now that it's done, I present you a badger by Sébastien Limet. The modell is not that difficult to fold and we also folded it during the Convention. But mine by far isn't as good as his. So I am twice as lucky having this cute little guy folded by the designer himself.
A big thank you!!

Freitag, 13. Mai 2016

Origami Deutschland 2016

This will be an experiment. This years Origami Convention in Germany I want to inform you about it live. So it won't be a usual blog post, but more like a news flash. I am writing in English right now and translate it later. This is how you can get in the mood of a convention, where there are people from so many countries.
And here comes the first picture. We are waiting in the lobby right now, shortly before the registration will start.

At about two o clock the registration started. Everyone received a beautiful welcome package and afterwards, the folders set up their exhibitions.
Right now the opening ceremony is taking place. The special guests are presented, Beth Johnson, Sébastian Limet and Dirk Eisner. We learn that there are about 230 people joining this years convention. Everyone is excited, a glass of prosecco is standing right in front of me, we are ready to start!
Marlene and Jens are opening the convention.
Finallynwe started folding. Beth tought to all the guests a cute little pig.

Beth right before her workshop for the masses - she was so nervous.
8 p.m.
To show everyone the models that are published in the convention book we are setting up a table with all the folded results. Some of them are folded by the Potsdam Origami Group, some of them were brought or sent by the designers to us.
Setting up the convention book table

A penguin by Sébastien Limet
We are getting sloppy, just 1 a.m. and these are the last people awake.
By the way, even more information about the convention can be found at the brand new facebook group 28. Internationales Treffen des Origami Deutschland e.V.

8:30 a.m.
 A short nap of 5 hours, nice breakfast and some repacking.
Now I'm sitting in great hall again, slowly people are coming back from their rooms. A long day with many interesting events lies ahaed of us.
10:40 a.m.
Two workshops done. The first one was tought by Anna Kastlunger. It was a minimalistic cow with colour change.

Afterwards I did my first own workshop. It was the minimalistic Enterprise D and even though there were only three participants, it was a fun to do. Everyone succeeded and happily flew away afterwards.
Newbs at Starfleet Academy
Some trivia from yesterday:
If you have a sheet of paper with the crease lines on it, it is a cheat sheet.
If you have it to fold a sheep, it is a sheep cheat sheet.
If you used no good paper for it, it is a cheap sheep cheat sheet.

7:30 p.m.
How time flies, when you have fun. Several hours later, I attended another workshop, had a beautiful idea for a new piece of modular origami. We took a group picture, I took a nap. We ate dinner and counted all the ballots of our fairytail competition.
Now we are waiting for the evening programm to start.
Workshop results 

We have a winner for the comptition, but so far it is a secret.
9:40 p.m.
And the winners are:
Number trhee
The visualization of "Tischlein deck dich" (the wishing table).

Number two, had two winners. One was the Origami version of "die Schneekönigin" (the snow Queen). The other one was this castle with 12 hidden fairytales.

Finally the best entry for the competition was the paper interpretation of 13 fairytales by Lisa - have a look how happy she is.

Before the announcement of the winner and afterwards we enjoyed a short concert of musicians playing the Shamisen.
It seemed to quite inspiring to Gerwin, who folded his own version immediately.

11:50 p.m.
Got inspired by Sébastien Limet's Crested tit

1:30 p.m.
Magical Origami
1:13 p.m.
The convention is slowly reaching its end. I already had to check out of my room, but some workshops are still running.
It seems as if I am stuck to cute creatures this year as I made a little puffin in the morning. Again a model by Sébastien Limet. 
Puffin family
 Afterwards I did my next own workshop, the shamrock. Everyone succeeded, again, and we even made a selfie - even though thy picture is quite blurry.

5:10 p.m.
Almost all of the exhibition items are put away. Every now and then people are saying good bye. The convention is definitely coming to an end.